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01 Application Template

An application template targeted at software built with and around DQMH modules. It is based on our UI framework (which builds on the HSE flavour of DQMH®) and comes with basic functionality for module loading and configuration, UI management and logging/debugging. This template serves as springboard or starting point for *all* our LabVIEW applications. See our WHSE episode for an introduction.

Source Code

Beware that some libraries are included in the git repository as git submodules. Make sure that those are correctly initialised when cloning the repository. Also, be aware that submodules are not included when downloading the source code from GitLab. For downloads, refer to our Releases page instead. For creating new projects based on the HSE Application Template, use our project template wizard.


This project builds on our standard structure:
10 Repo Structure
11 Project Structure


This project makes heavy use of our own DQMH® flavour:
HSE DQMH Specifics

From v1.13.1 (hse-libraries v2.7.1) onwards, this project requires
DQMH 5.0 or later!


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