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01 Overview

This application template showcases our UI framework for applications with graphical user interfaces. We use this template as a container which loads the project-specific DQMH modules dynamically from a configuration file.

UI Framework

The UI framework helps us with:

  • reusing UI management code
  • project-specific UI layouts
  • displaying a fancy splash screen
  • populating the Runtime Menu dynamically
  • populating a navigation module dynamically
  • generating an event log for debugging

…and much more!

The UI framework is built on top of the HSE Libraries and consists of a collection of DQMH modules and a few helper VIs.

Framework Modules

These DQMH modules are designed to be reused, hence they are generic and not part of the project-specific code of an application:

Framework VIs

In order to dynamically load DQMH modules and to achieve some of the UI framework functionality, the following VIs are part of the framework, too:

Startup VI

The / is used to run the application. It…

  • shows a splash screen
  • reads the main configuration (containing the list of modules to load)
  • loads the UI Manager and the Event Manager modules
  • loads a list of project modules (no static linkage)
  • calls the “configure” requests of all the modules
  • displays the front panel of the UI Manager module

Project VIs

These are project-related or project-specific VIs that are supplied by the UI Framework but can or have to be modified for each project.

  • /Project/Project.lvlib: Contains the project-specific VIs
  • /Project/ Starts the hse-logger
  • /Project/PROJECT_Name– Name of the project
  • /Project/PROJECT_RunTimeMenu.rtm: Run-Time Menu for the application
  • /Project/ Splash Screen
  • /Project/PROJECT_StartupSteps.ctl: List of steps for the to execute
  • /Project/ List of users for the built-in login feature

Project-Specific DQMH Modules

In order for DQMH modules to be compatible with our application template, these modules need to implement our HSE DQMH flavour.

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