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02 Version Control

Version control, also known as revision control and source control, is the management of changes to information. A version control system keeps track of software versions throughout development. A distributed version control system allows many developers to work on a given project without requiring that they maintain a connection to a common network.


We use Git for distributed LabVIEW code version control. Our code repositories are managed externally on a GitLab server and internally on a Git server.

In order to be able to work on our LabVIEW code, you need to follow the steps described in the setup section of our Git knowledge base:

If you only need a manual export of the contents of a repository on GitLab, you can simply download the source code instead of using git to clone it.

SCC Better Practices

You can find more information on how to work with(in) Source Code Control in our Better Practices section:

Version Numbering

Please read Version Numbers for more information on our version number formats and policy.

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