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Git: LFS

Taken from Git Tower's excellent online help:

Working with large binary files can be quite a hassle: they bloat your local repository and leave you with Gigabytes of data on your machine. Most annoyingly, the majority of this huge amount of data is probably useless for you: most of the time, you don't need each and every version of a file on your disk.

This problem in mind, Git's standard feature set was enhanced with the “Large File Storage” extension - in short: “Git LFS”. An LFS-enhanced local Git repository will be significantly smaller in size because it breaks one basic rule of Git in an elegant way: it does not keep all of the project's data in your local repository.

How to use LFS

  $ git lfs install
  $ git lfs track "*.vip"
  $ git add .gitattributes
  $ git add
  $ git commit -m "Add VI Package file"


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