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04 Release Management

Release Management is the process of managing software releases throughout an ongoing cycle of development, testing, and release.



Whenever we finish a set of features, enhancements or bug fixes in one of our products or projects, we conduct various methods and levels of testing. If the software is verified to be in a stable and functional state, it is released to the customer or to the public.

Each release gets a unique and “human-readable” identifier, a version number. Some of these releases are distributed by copying an archive file of the software to our web server and providing download links.

We have defined and documented our own, personalised process for releasing software. You can find details about that on our Way of Working pages. Many of our projects are released automatically through our Release Automation Tools.

Accessing releases with Dokuwiki

In order to keep things simple for you, we have developed a Dokuwiki plugin that serves as a simplified front-end to GitLab and our file servers, displaying a list of releases and allowing to download associated files directly within your Dokuwiki project page.

For your project, wou will find the list of software releases as a subpage of your project page:


List of releases

List of releases

For each release, the list displays

  • the release name (also called version number or tag)
  • the first 8 digits of the git commit hash
  • the user and email of the comitter
  • the date this version was committed
  • the commit message
  • associated downloads (if any)

Version Numbers


We loosely adhere to the Semantic Versioning standard. This means that a normal version number takes the form X.Y.Z where X, Y, and Z are non-negative integers:

  • X: Major version - identifies versions that introduce incompatible API changes
  • Y: Minor version - gets increased when functionality is added in a backwards-compatible manner
  • Z: Patch version - shows versions with backwards-compatible bug fixes

Elements increase numerically. For instance:

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