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Way Of Working

“We have been supporting customers of different company sizes and from various industries with our expertise for many years now. The verdict is: It has proven equally beneficial for all those LabVIEW teams to address topics such as source code management, architectures and frameworks, automation, or code reviews and others. Nevertheless, it is advisable to adapt the priorities and the order of the content to the specific needs of the team.”

Your most important overall goal in terms of software development should be to find your way of working - either for yourself if you're a lone wolf, or for your team if you're working in one.

Disclaimer: The following pages describe the HSE WoW - our way of working.


Obviously, our way of working includes all the other better practices described here, especially:

Commercial Support

We do this stuff for a living. Please contact us at if you're interested in our help with standing up your own Way of Working.

As a software service provider, we have two decades of experience with customers from various industries and different company and team sizes, from high-tech companies to international corporations and government organizations. In recent years, we have successfully supported many of our customers in further developing their software development skills.

We work closely with you to increase the quality of your software through improved processes. This means that we not only accept work packages and implement them, but also attach importance to conveying our working methods to you. In this way, you can take care of your day-to-day business independently and rely on our support and expertise if necessary.

LabVIEW is our daily business. Due to the very close contact with the LabVIEW community, with partner companies and with NI (National Instruments) itself, we are always up to date when it comes to products and technologies. Thanks to our network, we can quickly and competently find an answer to almost any question about LabVIEW. You too can benefit from this!

We use the DQMH® (Delacor Queued Message Handler) toolkit in all our projects as the basic structure for our applications. DQMH® is a free and publicly available LabVIEW framework that many users around the world appreciate. As a “DQMH® Trusted Advisor” we were audited by Delacor and can competently advise, train and support you in all DQMH® matters.

In short: We specialize in leading our customers' software teams to success. We can support you competently with your request.

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