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01 Rules & Guides

These rules and guides are written with git (a decentralised SCC system) in mind:
- commit = add changes to local repository
- push = sync changes with remote (central) repository


  • Commit early, commit often
  • Talk to the other developers to avoid editing files at the same time
    • this is especially true for binary files such as all LabVIEW files
  • Implement and apply changes in your own feature branches, not in develop or master

Meaningful branch names

  • For naming, adhere to the format described here:
    • (Optional) start with the number (only the digits) of the issue that's addressed in this branch
    • An underscore (_)
    • A descriptive, but short and precise string
      • no capital letters
      • separate words with dash (-)
    • An underscore (_)
    • Your initials (first letter of surname, first two letters of last name)
  • These rules apply also (and especially) if you're working with gitflow. Rules are to be applied to feature and hotfix branches.
  • Examples:
    • 106_module-names-in-ui_mse
    • update-hse-libs_jha

Unfinished Code

  • Try to avoid committing unfinished work (finish your train of thought)
    • Remember: Executable (no „broken VIs“) does not necessarily mean finished
  • No broken code outside own feature branches
  • No changes to develop branch without integration testing

Commit Messages

Meaningful commit messages

  • should summarize the changes done in one short sentence or a few words
  • should work like a headline, so the history is more useful
  • think of the commit message as the end to this sentence “If applied, this commit will your commit message here
  • Examples:
    • If applied, this commit will refactor subsystem X for readability
    • If applied, this commit will update getting started documentation
    • If applied, this commit will remove deprecated methods
    • If applied, this commit will release version 1.0.0
    • If applied, this commit will merge pull request #123 from user/branch

LabVIEW Specific

  • Avoid committing project files unless you explicitly changed them (like adding another build or library), otherwise unnecessary merge conflicts may arise.
  • For FPGA: Stage only one FPGA main VI/bitfile per commit operation and add compilation results to commit message.
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