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14 Smartgit Setup

Git settings in general can be saved on different levels. Sometimes it may be handy to develop on a shared machine and the repository is stored for common access under C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bitbucket. In this case, user settings are not allowed to be stored inside the repo. Otherwise, one developer could commit with the name of another developer. To prevent this, make sure that

  1. you have configured your user in your home directoy C:\Users\<username>\.gitconfig file
  2. there is no user section in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bitbucket\<ProjectRepo>\.git\config
  3. there is no user section in none of the submodules C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bitbucket\<ProjectRepo>\.git\modules\<submodulepath>\config

example of user setting:

name = Alexander Elbert
email =
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