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HSE Libraries

The hse-libraries form the basis of all our applications, similar to a very basic framework. They are a collection of useful VIs developed over the years for and within our real-life projects.

It contains the following collections:

hse-application - Takes care about versions and path handling

hse-configuration - Contains the access VIs to read and write the config files located in \TEMPLATE_Config

hse-dqmh - Support VIs for generically loading and calling DQMH modules

hse-gennet - The generic networking collection allows to communicate with other DQMH modules via TCP/UDP IP protocol even if located on another application or pc

hse-misc - tbd?!

hse-networking - Various helper VIs and small libraries for network communication, covering TCP and UDP

hse-ui - Useful helper VIs and tools for creating and manipulating user interfaces

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Please be aware that the various libraries may depend on one another. See the following picture for an overview:

Need help? We have compiled a list of support options for you.

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