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02 FAQ

Update to Versions >= v3.1.0

We removed all database functionality from hse-libraries. The DB_Connector DQMH Module and database engines will be maintained in the new repository hse-db. If you need Database functionality download the latest release from the hse-db releases site.

Update to Versions >= v3.0.1

  • Names of System Message Broadcast were renamed:

Update to Versions >= v2.7.x

  • minimum LabVIEW version required: 2016
  • All modules should be successfully validated with DQMH 5.0
    • The VI /Source/hse-ui/GUI/ will support DQMH >=5.0 only!
  • The DB_connector.ini config file needs a db_interface definition
    • db-interface=“DB-MySQL”

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