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a5fbcc5e by Alexander Elbert ( on 17.07.2023 14:52

Release Notes


hse-libraries_Windows_LV2020_x32_distribution_v3.7.1.zip4.37 MB
hse-libraries_v3.7.1.pdf2.87 MB
hse-libraries.vipc3.60 kB


30811920 by Alexander Elbert ( on 17.07.2023 10:47

Release Notes

[IMPORTANT] This is the first release built with LabVIEW 2020. This means, the new minimal version compatible with this release is LabVIEW 2020!
[IMPROVEMENT] improve VI Analyzer results (issue #95)
[IMPROVEMENT] add not running error (issue #112)
[IMPROVEMENT] allow overriding of either config_dir or data_dir (issue #115)
[FEATURE] add helper to read encrypted strings with hse-config-ini class (issue #142)
[FEATURE] add user defined paths (issue #144)

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f85cc798 by Manuel Sebald ( on 26.10.2022 20:38

Release Notes

[FEATURE] New testing helper VI to search for the app source folder and return the absolute path.
[FEATURE] New HSE-Application class method to set a different "Unit ID".
[FEATURE] New VI "Delimited String to 1D Array".
[IMPROVEMENT] VIs for manipulating Multicolumn Listboxes don't expext a strict typed reference.
[IMPROVEMENT] More informative error messages in HSE-Config.
[IMPROVEMENT] Find the app folder by providing a string with the absolute path to it.
[FIX] Handling of relative paths in the HSE-Application class.
[FIX] Version string clean-up.
[FIX] Remove splash screen template (it's maintained in the HSE Application Template repository).


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.6.0.zip4.31 MB
hse-libraries_v3.6.0.pdf2.85 MB
hse-libraries.vipc3.60 kB


2795c409 by Manuel Sebald ( on 22.07.2022 12:17

Release Notes

[FIX] HSE-Config INI-class reads and writes non-printable characters correct.


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.5.1.zip4.32 MB
hse-libraries_v3.5.1.pdf1.93 MB
hse-libraries.vipc3.60 kB


5495e21a by Joerg Hampel ( on 10.06.2022 15:12

Release Notes

[IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade to DQMH 6.1
[IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade to new hse-configuration class
[FIX] shift registers in configuration class (issue #109)
[FIX] make configuration class case insensitive (issue #113)


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.5.0.zip4.32 MB
hse-libraries_v3.5.0.pdf1.93 MB
hse-libraries.vipc3.60 kB


c0d9cbaf by Joerg Hampel ( on 31.03.2022 13:57

Release Notes

[FIX] set GenNet Protocol VIs to reentrant
[FIX] validate GenNet modules for DQMH 6.1


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.4.1.zip4.33 MB
hse-libraries_v3.4.1.pdf1.93 MB
hse-libraries.vipc40.43 kB


f91fa69b by Alexander Elbert ( on 31.03.2022 07:14

Release Notes

[FEATURE] hse-gennet: add Protocol Abstraction Layer (issue #108)
[FEATURE] hse-misc: add loop timer class


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.4.0.zip4.30 MB
hse-libraries_v3.4.0.pdf1.92 MB
hse-libraries.vipc40.43 kB


609f327b by Manuel Sebald ( on 18.01.2022 12:20

Release Notes

[IMPROVE] Add optional terminal "Title" in the "Ready for Display" system message. This change is needed for an improvement in the HSE App-Template.
[IMPROVE] Set access scope of the hse-config "Read Root Node" accesssors from public to protected (issue #106).


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.3.4.zip3.99 MB
hse-libraries_v3.3.4.pdf2.13 MB
hse-libraries.vipc40.43 kB


cd07e79e by Alexander Elbert ( on 23.11.2021 15:01

Release Notes

[FIX] GenNet: support nested variants in gennet messages (issue #105)
[FIX] GenNet: increase timeout for reading gennet messages to 4 seconds (issue #104)


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.3.3.zip3.99 MB
hse-libraries_v3.3.3.pdf2.13 MB
hse-libraries.vipc40.43 kB


afee3b5b by Alexander Elbert ( on 08.11.2021 13:30

Release Notes

[FIX] hse-configuration: allow IPv4-address in strings (issues #99, 100)


hse-libraries_LV2016_distribution_v3.3.2.zip3.99 MB
hse-libraries_v3.3.2.pdf2.13 MB
hse-libraries.vipc40.43 kB

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