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02 FAQ

Which versions of DQMH are supported?

Currently (Feb. 2021), our application template supports DQMH 5.0 and later.

Scroll down to the Update Comments on this page for more details.

Are there any limitations to the naming of DQMH modules?

In order to avoid conflicts and collisions, DQMH module naming needs to comply with the following limitations:

HSE-* DQMH module names may not start with the HSE- prefix (reserved for internal and commercial modules)
Event Manager reserved for framework
Navigation reserved for framework
UI Manager reserved for framework
DB_CONNECTOR reserved for libraries
GenNet-Server reserved for libraries
GenNet-Client reserved for libraries

Is there an existing way of adapting the template to launch a cloneable starting module?

There is not. The reason for this is that there’s no good way at the moment to publish the clone id, and without that, I don’t see how that would be useful.

For all the projects we’ve done that needed something like that, we created a “Management” module that did the launching and registration of clones and their IDs. See Clone Manager for more information.

The application can't load my DQMH modules!

For DQMH modules to be compatible with our application template (i.e. for the application template to be able to load modules, and for all the features of the UI Framework to work out right), these modules need to adhere to our HSE DQMH Flavour.

You can find more information on saving existing modules as templates as well as creating new modules from templates in Delacor's DQMH Online Help.

Update Comments

Update to versions >= v1.13.3

  • minimum LabVIEW version required: 2016
  • All Modules must be sucessfully validated with DQMH 5.0
  • HSE Layout Manager is needed
  • DB_connector needs a db_interface definition
  • module paths definitions changed - add folder in UI Mananger.ini
  • module paths definitions changed - add folder in Sidebar-Def_Template.json
   "action": "Modules\\Dummie",
  • new option “retain value” in Sidebar-Def_Template.json
		"name": "btn_Actor",
		"caption": "Actor Module",
		"tooltip": "Show the Actor module",
		"enabled_state": "Enabled",
		"action": "Modules\\ActorModule",
		"display_scenario": "Managed",
		"sub": [
				"name": "lb_actorstate",
				"tooltip": "Actor State",
				"enabled_state": "Disabled",
				"content": [
					"Display Value 1/3",
					"Display Value 2/3",
					"Display Value 3/3"
				"retain value":true
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