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11 Project Structure

This page defines the default project structure used by most of our projects. We have also information on our default repo structure and our overall software structure. Screenshots are included from an example repository for demonstrative purposes.

Throughout this page, we will use TEMPLATE as a placeholder for the actual project's name.

Basic Structure

    /TEMPLATE/                     built LabVIEW application (.exe)
    /TEMPLATE_Config/              all configuration data
    /TEMPLATE_Data/                output data (eg measurement)
    /TEMPLATE_Source/              LabVIEW source code (files)

For libraries and other non-application code, instead of the four folders shown above, there will only be a single directory named /Source/.

'Config' directory

         /Common                   common config files
         /Unit_xyz                 one set of configuration data
         /Unit_abc                 another set of configuration data
         config.ini                defines which unit directory to use (not under SCC)
         config.ini.default        default file (checked into SCC)

Contains all configuration data that's needed by the application.

'Data' directory


Contains the application's log file. Serves as a container for all sorts of files created by the application, like measurements, reports, etc.

'Source' directory

        TEMPLATE.lvproj       Main VI for Real-Time applications             Main VI for Windows applications

Contains the following directories and files:

'Framework' directory

            /Event Manager/
            /UI Manager/              

For Windows Applications: Contains generic, as-is reusable modules. Currently, we use the following modules:

  • Event Manager
  • Sidebar
  • UI Manager

More information on framework modules: Application Template

'Libraries' directory


Contains libraries shared by projects.

More information on our libraries: HSE-Libraries

'Modules' directory

            /User Interface/

Contains DQMH modules utilised by the project.

More information on DQMH can be found in our knowledge base:
Delacor Queued Message Handler

'Project' directory


Contains all project-specific files that are not part of a DQMH module or a library. The content of this directory varies from project to project.


LabVIEW project file, containing the VIs in XML format.

Main VI

Either (Windows applications) or (Real-Time applications).

Actual Source Code

The source code for the project shown can be found at

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