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Project template for creating new projects based on the HSE Application Template:


6afd1699 by Alexander Elbert ( on 11.01.2024 13:41

Release Notes

[UI Manager][FIX] wire missing subpanel key (issue #130)


TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_distribution_v2.6.1.zip13.06 MB
hse-application-template.vipc16.76 kB
TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_hse_executable_v2.6.1.zip20.86 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.6.1.pdf4.83 MB


b3d5e0e4 by Alexander Elbert ( on 19.12.2023 10:39

Release Notes

[IMPROVEMENT] update to DQMH 7 (issue #128)
[FEATURE] allow modules to load themselves in any subpanel not just Sp_Contents(issue #25)
[UI Manager] handle references of cloneables (issue #118)
[IMPROVEMENT] update to hse-db v1.4.0
[IMPROVEMENT] update to hse-libraries v3.8.0


TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_distribution_v2.6.0.zip13.06 MB
hse-application-template.vipc16.76 kB
TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_hse_executable_v2.6.0.zip20.86 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.6.0.pdf4.83 MB


7c212828 by Manuel Sebald ( on 30.03.2023 15:27

Release Notes

[IMPORTANT] This is the first release built with LabVIEW 2020. This means, the new minimal version compatible with this release is LabVIEW 2020!
[FEATURE] Add configuration options to enable/disable the window properties "Resizeable", "Minimizable" and "smooth fade-in".
[IMPROVEMENT] Remove or disable "Simple Error Handler" VIs to improve compatibility on RT targgets.
[IMPROVEMENT] Prevent the shortcut "Ctrl + H" to toggle the LabVIEW context help.
[IMPROVEMENT] Some minor improvements and fixes in the code base.


TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_distribution_v2.5.2.zip12.87 MB
hse-application-template.vipc16.81 kB
TEMPLATE_Windows_LV2020_x32_hse_executable_v2.5.2.zip20.36 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.5.2.pdf4.80 MB


54c57be0 by Manuel Sebald ( on 28.03.2023 15:56

Release Notes

No downloads available.


3919c002 by Joerg Hampel ( on 09.02.2023 18:24

Release Notes

[FIX] module name in config.ini.default


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.5.1.zip12.81 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.5.1.zip20.16 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.5.1.pdf4.81 MB


49c6a3c7 by Manuel Sebald ( on 01.02.2023 15:33

Release Notes

[FIX] Selection of startup screen (#100).
[FEATURE] UI Manager Request to retrieve login information (#99).
[IMPROVEMENT] Several minor fixes and improvements (#76, #92, #93, #97, #95, #96).
[IMPROVEMENT] Update HSE-libs to version 3.6.0.
[IMPROVEMENT] Update HSE-DB to version 1.3.1


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.5.0.zip12.81 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.5.0.zip20.31 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.5.0.pdf4.81 MB


2326c0b4 by ioan polenciuc ( on 25.10.2022 10:29

Release Notes

[FEATURE] add Continue Startup event for interrupting startup sequence.
[FEATURE] confirm exit pop-up is now optional.
[FIX] spelling of "Dummie" module-> "Dummy"
[FIX] Resize pane event when module is displayed in main subpanel.


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.4.0.zip13.11 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.4.0.zip20.31 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.4.0.pdf4.84 MB


a1f5d5e3 by Alexander Elbert ( on 30.09.2022 07:23

Release Notes

[FIX] update documentr files for latest RAT version
[FEATURE] add Project Initializer to source distribution


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.3.0.zip12.99 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.3.0.zip20.29 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.3.0.pdf4.84 MB


195ca024 by Alexander Elbert ( on 14.07.2022 16:31

Release Notes

[IMPROVEMENT] Limit Event Manager Rows (issue #75)


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.2.0.zip12.95 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.2.0.zip20.29 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.2.0.pdf4.77 MB


80c6cc1e by Joerg Hampel ( on 10.06.2022 16:10

Release Notes

[IMPROVEMENT] upgrade to DQMH 6.1
[IMPROVEMENT] upgrade to new hse-configuration class
[IMPROVEMENT] redesign about screen
[IMPROVEMENT] add copyright text to splash screen
[FIX] subpanel transparency (issue #74)
[FIX] reverse order of module shutdown (issue #31)
[FIX] order of steps in
[FIX] race conditions when stopping State Machine module
[FIX] front panels and library icons of DQMH modules


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.1.0.zip12.95 MB
hse-application-template.vipc12.83 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.1.0.zip20.29 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.1.0.pdf4.77 MB


5d0b5901 by Alexander Elbert ( on 25.05.2022 07:58

Release Notes


TEMPLATE_LV2016_distribution_v2.0.9.zip11.95 MB
hse-application-template.vipc47.41 kB
TEMPLATE_LV2016_hse_executable_v2.0.9.zip18.89 MB
TEMPLATE_v2.0.9.pdf4.41 MB

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