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11 Setup

Starting your own project based on the HSE Application Template takes only a few steps.

Julian Schary has started work on a tool that automates steps 2-3. You can find it inside the repository at ''/Tools/Project Initializer/''.

0. Install Dependencies

  1. Apply the project's VI Package Configuration (.vipc) file

The .vipc file is available for download from GitLab:

1. Prepare Project

  1. get the latest release (or clone or download the code from the repository on GitLab)
  2. extract the downloaded archive file

The latest releases are available for download from our Dokuwiki:
HSE Application Template Releases

Make sure that you see a valid HSE project structure:


2. Rename Files

Rename all occurrences of TEMPLATE with the project name of your choice. For the sake of this example, let's assume we want our new project to be called MyNiceProject!

  1. Rename /TEMPLATE_Config/ to /MyNiceProject_Config/
  2. Rename /TEMPLATE_Source/ to /MyNiceProject_Source/
  3. Rename /TEMPLATE_Source/TEMPLATE.lvproj to /MyNiceProject_Source/MyNiceProject.lvproj

3. Update LabVIEW Files

  1. Update the block diagram constant labelled PROJECT Name in /MyNiceProject_Source/Project/PROJECT_Name– to the value of MyNiceProject
  2. Optionally, update the build specification inside the .lvproj to point to the folder /MyNiceProject/, which needs to sit on the same level as the /MyNiceProject_Config/ folder

4. Check Configuration

  1. In MyNiceProject_Config/, copy the config.ini.default file to config.ini
  2. Optionally, create a new Unit_MyNiceUnit folder (this will contain your own, private set of configuration files)
  3. Update the MyNiceProject_Config/config.ini file to point to MyNiceUnit

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