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RAT Integration


GraphViz is an open-source graph visualization software. It provides a program called dot. This dot program is able to generate a directed graph from a textual description.

You will need to add the path to the Graphviz bin directory to the PATH variable.

Optionally, create an environment variable called GRAPHVIZ_DOT that points to the DOT executable.

For setting environment variables like PATH, see the our **Shell dokuwiki page**.

PlantUML Server via Docker (the easy way!)

  1. Install Docker (Linux) or Docker-Desktop (Windows). If not included, install Docker Compose.
  2. Clone the “HSE PlantUML Server” docker compose script with git clone
  3. Open a terminal in the project folder.
  4. Execute docker-compose up -d (für Compose v2: docker compose up -d)
  5. Open a browser and type in http://localhost:8123. The PlantUML site with an input field and some example code should be displayed.

Synology NAS Docker

  1. in docker webinterface register & download plantuml/plantuml-server
  2. under image start image
  3. configure a local port
  4. create firewall rule for that port in synology DS
  5. [create port forwarding rule for that port in router]

VS Code integration

  1. Install the extension “PlantUML”.
  2. Go to the extension settings and make the following changes:
  3. Open a new file and add a PlantUML script. Open the preview windows by pressing Alt + D.

Notepad++ integration

  1. install java
  2. move UDL to folder for import
  3. %AppData%\Notepad++\userDefineLangs
  4. restart notepad++
  5. create plantuml.bat
  6. menu execute –> run external program insert cmd PathToYour\PlantUML\plantuml.bat “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)”

content of plantuml.bat

   @echo off
   java -jar Z:\plantUML\plantuml.jar -charset UTF-8 -o "C:\Users\ae\Pictures" %1
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