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The Windows batch shell, commonly referred to as cmd, cmd.exe or the command prompt

Batch specific details:

  • variables are enclosed by % signs (e.g. %CI_DIR%)
  • NUL is the batch equivalent to the UNIX /dev/null
  • the rem keyword is a way to comment out code


Windows PowerShell is a scripting engine .DLL that's embedded into multiple hosts. The most common hosts you'll start are the interactive command-line powershell.exe and the Interactive Scripting Environment powershell_ise.exe.

Powershell is the modern Windows command prompt. Usage is similar to cmd, but with a few key differences. Some UNIX commands are also supported, such as ls.

Powershell specific details:

  • system set environment variables must have a $env: prefix. Sometimes, variables must also be enclosed by quotation marks to properly function
  • out-null is the Powershell variant of NUl or /dev/null
  • to call a cmd script from Powershell use: cmd /c “insert script or command here”

Environment Variables

Setting environment variables like PATH can be done via Control Panel → System:

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