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22 ProfiNet KUNBUS

Kunbus cSeries Modul (Device)


  • Additional 24 Volt from the front.
  • Attention: Slot next to module must be left empty due to increased power consumption and insufficient heat dissipation!

Driver Installation

The driver files can be found on the COMP-NAS at /02_Products/KUNBUS/.

Copy the examples to LabVIEW folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\vi.lib\addons\Comsoft.lib\cRIO PNAD

Copy the actual FPGA driver to LabVIEW folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\Targets\NI\FPGA\cRIO\other\CS_cRIO-PNAD

Module Configuration

Supply power to the module, and insert network cable in one of the two ports at the front!!

Name crio-pn

New modules need to be configured so the master is able to find and communicate with the clients. An unconfigured module will start and show the red BF LED lit up.

For the configuration, the electronic data sheets of the connected Profinet IO devices, the so-called GSD files (Generic Station Description), are required. When configuring the Profinet network, the configuration engineer selects the modules / submodules defined in the GSD file in order to map them to the real system and assign them to the slots / subslots.

The configuration also includes the definition of the network ID for the IP addresses of the individual field devices assigned during addressing. Each field device is assigned a logical name that should have a reference to the function in the plant or to the installation site and finally leads to the allocation of an IP address during address resolution. The name assignment is made with the DCP protocol (Discovery and Configuration Protocol).

Profinet field devices are addressed by means of MAC addresses and IP addresses. The Profinet IO configuration tool initially assigns a symbolic name to the respective IO devices. Based on the name, an IO controller can identify the configured field devices and assign the specified IP addresses to them.

From Step7/TIA

Configuration is usually done directly from the Siemens software product (Step 7, TIA, …). If the production line and/or Siemens software is not available, there is a lightweight setup tool that can be used in stead:

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