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23 ProfiNet Siemens

Profinet IO

Siemens PROFINET Driver (Controller)



Translated from support email from Siemens

In addition to the Windows implementation (cycle times> = 32ms), we also supply a finished Linux implementation for PC platforms with Debian 7.6 (cycle time> = 1ms with RT kernel) with the PN driver. The appended user description (see appendix) describes in detail how to install the realtime kernel and corresponding additional packages for this version.
It should also be noted that the Ethernet interface is based on an Intel i210 chip or an Inter 82574L chip, for which the driver (PnDevDrv) is also included.
The amount of data from 50 - 200 values ​​(I guess every value has 16 or 32 bits) should not be a problem per se, but the question is to what extent these data are transmitted in one block or how many different PROFINET devices they come from or on how many PROFINET submodules are distributed on the devices. For the data of a submodule, a separate data access must take place via the application interface, ie. With many submodules a not insignificant overhead results.
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