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The part about OpenProject is deprecated

Task Management, Project Planning, Resource Estimation…

Elements can take start and end date for visualisation. As soon as subelements exist, the start & end date are removed and generated from the subelements' infos.

At kickoff:

  • Project: A real-world project (eg “Siemens SPH”) with one unique project number (eg “170001”)
  • Phase: The subsequent level, a single quote or workpackage or - if applicable - a phase of one workpackage/quote
    • Subelement of project
    • Start and end can be fixed through milestones
  • Milestone: See above
  • Epic: A single component, taken from the requirements document
    • Subelement of phase
    • Start & End Date
  • Task: One thing to implement, taken from the requirements document
    • Subelement of epic
    • Duration

During Implementation:

  • Bug: Things that are not working as expected
  • Feature: Things that would be nice


GitLab is our main tool for tracking a project. This includes Git for the source code control and Issues for anything related (tasks, milestones, bugs, features, discussions, …). By using the Gitlab Issues we maintain a single source of truth about a running project. Everyone involved can read it, see what other working on and (one of the most important aspects) can comment and discuss the issues.


  • Assign project & component (very important for controlling / billing / post-mortem!)
  • Toggl allows for projects do be defined
  • Component goes into text, eg “01 GUI: blabla”
  • Separator: :



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