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00 Motivation

Why do we need project management?

01 Reach Organizational Targets


  1. Keep solvency through
    • avoiding project delays
    • avoiding budget explosions
  2. Satisfy programmers through
    • enough time for proper implementation
    • best tools available


  • specify in-depth
  • plan realistically
  • implement efficiently
  • control continuously

02 Address Growing Teams

Things change when one-man bands delve into the world of team-work. Bigger projects with more developers mean

  • less direct collaboration with customers (information gets lost / needs to be relayed)
  • projects no more manageable „in one head“
  • need for project management (and software development) tools/processes
  • less flexibility with working hours and travel time/cost
  • more expenses → more turnover needed for big earnings
  • less flexibility towards changes in schedules made by customers
  • more organizational overhead
  • more responsibility

03 Minimize Risks

Reasons for project delays:

  • project planning non-existent or too vague
  • project controlling non-existent or too vague (as a result of no planning)
  • no knowledge of actual project standings (as a result of no controlling)
  • no corrective measure possible (as a result of no knowledge of actual project standings)

This all leads to two things at the end of the day:

  • low cash-flow
  • less-than-satisfied customers

These are the two worst things that can happen to a company, because both make you react instead of act!

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