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40 Control

Weekly Check

  • At the “triple M” (Monday Morning Meetings), our CFO / Controller will read out loud which work packages (tasks) were discussed and agreed on the week before
  • All developers have to report whether they finished their work packages during last week, and if not, why so
    • This is purely for continuous improvement, not for blame(!!!)
  • New work packages for current week are agreed on and fed to tracking system
  • Project plan is updated
    • Check if timeline is at risk
    • Check if estimated budget is exceeded
  • Take countermeasures accordingly (act – not react)


  • Final costing analysis
  • One excel sheet per project
  • Budget from quotes, time tracking, external cost (subcontractor), travel expenses, …
  • Separate productive from organizational work
  • Rate the customer!!
  • Rate own performance

Manage changes

  • Changes in requirements or timeline have to be discussed
    • Do NOT accept changes silently
  • Changes have consequences
    • amount of work
    • budget
    • timeline
  • Moving releases/milestones has big impact
    • Potentially affects other projects (collision)
    • Affects solvency


Malcolm I think in the Post Mortem you should also honestly rate yourself and perhaps look for honest feedback from the customer.

Richard Weekly Check - Very popular approach. Sounds a lot like AGILE.

Richard Post Mortems - Very often missed out because the next project is waiting to start, and a lessons-learned exercise has no immediate value. However, these are very important. Especially when fed back into future quotes.

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