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  1. Use Inlining
  2. Use Static Dispatch for objects
  3. Use global variables
  4. Remove anything that's not REALLY needed

Other, not so big improvements (might or might not help):

  • Disable “Allow Debugging” in VI properties
  • Restart the whole system
  • Allowing implicit type casts

Empiric Proof

Tipps based on measurements with RTETT in LV2016 running on a PXI on Par Lap ETS 13.1

  • Measurement uncertainty (differences in identical runs that we could not account for) is around 1 - 2µs for a 50 - 80µs loop iteration time
  • There is no measurable difference between using two bundle nodes with 5 elements vs 1 bundle node with 10 elements when writing to a cluster
  • There is no measurable difference between writing to a plain cluster and writing to the object (not even a write accessor VI, but using the bundle node directly in a class method)
  • Inlining (3 of 5 VIs) makes for 30% performance hit: ~50µs loop time with inlining vs. ~68µs loop time without
  • Dynamic Dispatch (5 of 5 VIs) has a minimal hit of ~ 3-5 µs: ~68µs loop time with not inlined static dispatch vs. ~ 72µs DD
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