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01 Tips & Tricks

grown from the seed that Fabiola De la Cueva sowed

Holding a meeting

As the host

  • Have a dedicated moderator (other than the presenter!)
  • Start 15 minutes early
  • Mute all microphones except for the presenter and the moderator
  • If bandwidth is low, ask participants to turn off their cameras
  • place a visual reminder to record the meeting

As a moderator

  • monitor the chat and voice questions for the presenter
  • Check with the presenter if they want to be interrupted with questions during the presentation or if they want to wait until the end of the presentation

As a presenter

  • think about the background of your video - what do you want people to see?
  • hide the desktop icons (Windows) or select to share a 'clean' desktop (Mac)
  • set the screen resolution of the monitor you share to a small setting so participants will see more detail
  • have another device connected to the meeting to see what everyone else sees, including video lag. Make sure this other device has both mic and speakers muted
  • ask if everybody can see your desktop/slides before you actually start

As a participant

  • Make use of early arrival if the host offers it. Figure out technical issues beforehand.

Organising a meeting

  • Make sure to send out invites so people will have the date in their calendars and the timezones are figured out automatically
    • If posting a link, include a link to world time buddy with your city already in there, so people just have to add theirs
  • Plan (and advertise) to start 15 minutes early
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