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20 Example Code

The \Generic Networking Example directory in the repository contains an example project with three modules:


The GenNet-Proxy module is a DQMH Singleton module altered to allow for (near) zero-coupled networking functionality.

  • Call the Enable Network Forwarding request to make this module a proxy. By loading a GenNet-Client clone module and redirecting communication, all requests are sent via TCP to another GenNet-Proxy.lvlib running in another application and/or another PC accessible via TCP/IP.
  • Call the Enable Network Listening request to make this module accept messages via network. By loading a GenNet-Server clone module, let this module accept messages from GenNet-Proxy.lvlib running in another application and/or on another PC via TCP/IP communication.


The GenNet-RoundTrip module is like the GenNet-Proxy module, but with a new feature for sending DQMH Round Trip events over the network. The normal Round Trip event also includes a DQMH broadcast, but this broadcast will only be fired locally. With the new feature, the normal broadcast will be encapsulated in a generic broadcast and the remote side can identify it. The GenNet-RoundTrip module showcases the concrete implementation.


The RemoteControl module showcases the manual use of the GenNet-Client and GenNet-Server modules, and how any generic DQMH module can make use of the generic networking functions, albeit not transparently to the user. The message that's sent via the network needs to be constructed manually, and in a way that the opposite site can decode it.

How to run/test

  1. Open the \Generic Networking Example\Generic Networking Example.lvproj file
  2. Start the Test GenNet-Proxy Tester, start the module and Enable Network Listening
  3. Start the Test RemoteControl Tester, start the module and Open GenNet Connection

Now, you have a network connection between the two modules.

  • If you Send Message via GenNet in the Test RemoteControl Tester, it will actually call the Do something with answer request of the GenNet-Proxy module.
  • Now, Update Factor in the Test GenNet-Proxy Tester and see how the result in the Test RemoteControl Tester changes when you call Send Message via GenNet again.

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