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11 Connection

A connection is setup in three steps:


  • Connect to PLC at <IP ADDRESS> on TCP port 102

COTP Connection Request

S7 Comm PDU Negotiation

See S7 Comm.

Request Params

Byte Value Description
Fixed Part
[0] 0xF0 Parameter: Setup communictation
[1] 0x00 Reserved
[2-3] 0x00 01 Max AmQ (parallel jobs with ack) calling
[4-5] 0x00 01 Max AmQ (parallel jobs with ack) called
[6-7] 0x…… …… PDU Length (negotiated)

Response Params

Identical to the request, with Message Type = 0x03 (ACK). Values for AmQs and PDU Length can vary from request.

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