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21 VNC


Login on the NI Linux RT system with SSH (must be activated via MAX). To do this on Windows start the Command Prompt or the Power Shell and execute the following command (SSH is available on actual Win10 installations). Alternateivly one can use an external program like Putty.

ssh admin@<ip-adress or hostname>

The user admin is the default administration account on NI Linux RT systems and has full root-privileges. So, be careful what you do!

When logged in start the VNC-server with the following command.

DISPLAY=:0 x11vnc

Now the server is running and one can connect to it with a standard VNC-client. We prefer the free program UltraVNC. A username and a password is not necessary with the default configuration.

With this command, the connection is not encrypted and no user authentication is used. Start the VNC-server only when you need it and stop it right after closing the connection. Don't use it direct over the Internet. Instead use a VPN or equivalent technology.


To install a VNC server on Linux RT follow these instructions:

Install it with:

  opkg update
  opkg install x11vnc

Run it with:

  DISPLAY=:0 x11vnc
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