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07 Security


admin Password

The default password of the admin user is empty (an empty string).

The hampel-soft default password for user admin is admin.

Some things are not possible with a user that has an empty password. You can set the password either in MAX, via the web interface or via terminal (passwd command)



First, install sudo

  opkg update
  opkg install sudo

Next, setup the proper (limited) permissions for the lvuser user


This will open the vi editor and check the additions to the sudoers file to make sure that the syntax is correct. Add something like this to the end of the file, use [i] to enter into editing mode, [esc] to exit editor mode, and [:wq] to write the changes and quit.

  lvuser ALL= (ALL) ALL

This line means: The lvuser user can execute from ALL terminals, acting as ALL (any) users, and run ALL (any) command.

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