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Real-Time Workaround

This is a workaround to the problem described here.

A bug in LabVIEW breaks the Control Value.Set VI server function for references to non-reentrant VIs when executed on Linux RT with Embedded UI enabled in the run-time engine.

As this bug does not apply to VI references to reentrant VIs (Clonable DQMH modules do actually work), the solution seems to be to also load Singleton DQMH modules reentrant (Use “Application Control → Load VI Reference” with options 0x08).

A template for the VI shown in the screenshots below can be found in our hse-core-libraries in hse-dqmh.lvlib:DQMH Load Main VI Because of scope restrictions, the VI needs to be duplicated and made part of the corresponding module's .lvlib.

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