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 ===== 30 How to use ===== ===== 30 How to use =====
 +==== General ====
 +The Generic Networking enabled modules make most sense when you want to use  a module'​s API in one application and have its code executed in another application. I.e., use the same module (identical source code) in both applications and configure it as client on one side and as server on the other side. See the GenNet-Proxy module of the example project.
 +If you only want to make use of the generic networking helper modules (GenNet-Server and GenNet-Client),​ you can also start and use them with an out-of-the-box DQMH module. See the RemoteControl module of the GenNet example project. 
 +==== Example ====
   * Check out repository listed above   * Check out repository listed above
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