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41 Howto: Modules

Read 30 Implementation and 31 Use Cases for more details on the two ways of integrating Generic Networking with DQMH modules.

Generic-Networking Enabled Module

for transparently forwarding/receiving requests

  1. Override Message Queue to contain additional values:
    • (boolean) relais to network
    • (string) network ip address
    • (number) network port number
  2. Overwrite Delacor_lib_QMH_Create Message
  3. Overwrite
  4. Add requests for GenNet management
    • “Enable Network Forwarding”
    • “Disable Network Forwarding”
    • “Enable Network Listening”
    • “Disable Network Listening”
  5. Add MHL case for actual forwarding
    • “Send via Network”

See the GenNet-Proxy module in the repository for an example.

Manually Extended Module

See the RemoteControl module in the repository for an example.

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